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The Disney Princess EZ-Bed It's feature Mattress has electronically welded seams, a 2-in-1 valve and air channel building.Measures 60 x three3 x 6 inches (LxWxD); slumbering bag machine washable.Built-in tender fleece pillow at the top and a fitted slip quilt with mesh pockets.Inflatable airbed decorated with Disney princess portraits.Insulated dozing bag top securely zips onto slip duvet. A nice possibility for sleepover friends or bringing to in a single day destinations, this EZ Bed Air Mattress is decorated with Disney Princess photos. This inflatable airbed has a built-in delicate fleece pillow on the top and a fitted slipcover with mesh pockets that take aways for straightforward washing. An insulated snoozing bag zips securely onto the slip cover. The mattress has electronically welded seams, a 2-in-1 valve and air channel development. For ages three yrs and older, it measures 60 x 33 x 6 inches (L x W x D).. Read More>>

The Disney Princess EZ-Bed Description

  • Mattress has electronically welded seams, a 2-in-1 valve and air channel construction
  • Measures 60 x 33 x 6 inches (LxWxD); napping bag laptop washable
  • Built-in smooth fleece pillow at the prime and a equipped slip duvet with mesh pockets
  • Inflatable airbed adorned with Disney princess images
  • Insulated sound asleep bag prime securely zips onto slip duvet
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    Reviews for Disney Princess EZ-Bed (Sports) First... no pump is included, so we needed to run out and purchase one. Secondly, it's so squeaky loud that every time ouir daughter moved at night we woke up. She evn ultimately determined she wished to sleep on the ground.

    Cute and handy, and excellent for enjoyable, however no longer an extended trip or if you are sharing the room.
    Reviews for Disney Princess EZ-Bed (Sports) I do suppose this is a great mattress and that we can get numerous use and enjoyable out of it, however it isn't warm enough for tenting. The most effective thing separating the newborn from the cold airmatress is the fitted sheet. I suppose that in some houses that's no longer even warm enough for a sleepover. So our fix is simply to place a fleece blanket down on top of the equipped sheet. And we have taken it camping and our daughter was once plenty heat with some fleece PJ's and some extra blankets. She loves the mattress and desires us to blow it up every time she sees it on the shelf.
    Reviews for Disney Princess EZ-Bed (Sports) My granddaughter absolutely loves this... would rather sleep on it then her bed. I'm more than happy.

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